One comment on “The Brand That Is Detroit.

  1. This one hit home. Born near 6 mile & Gratiot. Grew up on the North end of Flint. I’ve worked hard my whole life to be where I am today. Back in 2010, I remember watching the Chrysler SuperBowl ad with my son. Eminem had me all fired up. At that moment, I told him that we (Detroit) are survivors. Bring it on. It didn’t matter if you worked at an OEM, a supplier, a hospital, a dealership, or a grocery store. We were all in it together. We are fighters, competitors, blue collar minded, and we will survive. Bring it on. It was a moment that I’ll never forget. So happy that I shared that with my son. It still fires me up to this day. Bring it on.
    Less than a minute ago

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